Chromebook Policy

1:1 Technology Policy

Each student will be assigned a chromebook for the year. Students will take chromebooks from room to room just as they would any other learning materials. The student will be responsible for this chromebook just as they are responsible for other learning materials checked out to them from C2E.

All C2E 2017-18 Parent/Student Handbook policies apply. This will serve as an addendum.

Daily Routine


Students may retrieve Chromebooks from their homeroom classes at the following times:

  • Before School 7:40-8:00
  • After Period 1- 8:50
  • After Period 2- 9:40

Students must retrieve their Chromebooks from charging stations before core classes begin at third hour (9:40). In the event of tardiness or early pick-up, students should retrieve or return Chromebooks without disruption.


Students must check in their assigned Chromebook with their Homeroom teachers at the beginning of carpool each day. During this time, teachers will assess the overall condition of the Chromebook to ensure that the best possible care is being taken of these devices. Chromebooks must then be plugged into their assigned charging station overnight.

Batteries are designed to be used for 8 hours. Students should not remove chargers from the charging stations at any time. If you need to charge your computer midday, please do so in your 6th hour classroom during lunch.

End of Day

Chromebooks must be plugged into their assigned charging station overnight. Students who fail to return Chromebooks to their homeroom class at the end of the day will lose the device for one week.



Hard Chromebook cases are required. Cases must be removable, leave no residue, and be appropriate for an educational environment. Skins are not acceptable. Devices will not be issued to students who do not have a case.


Students will be provided with a name label that must remain attached to the Chromebook at all times.

Chromebooks in Hallways and Out of Classroom

In order to prevent damage or dropping, Chromebooks must be placed in bags or backpacks during hallway transition times. They may not be carried by hand or inside binders; otherwise, an infraction will be issued to that student. Students should also be advised that overstuffed backpacks may crush the Chromebook, or damage the screen. Backpacks should be treated gently and responsibly when containing a Chromebook.

Chromebooks are to be used in academic areas only. They may not be taken into the gym, lunchroom, or outside.


Insurance is available from Worth Ave. Group. Information can be found at Sign up can also be done at the Worth Ave Group portal, linked here.

Acceptable Use

Chromebooks are to be used for educational purposes only. Only approved chrome extensions will be allowed. Teachers will release approved extensions as needed. All school policies stipulated in the Parent Student Handbook regarding searching, cyberbullying, and good digital citizenship are still in place.


No student is allowed to use or touch another student’s Chromebook for any reason.

Reporting Damage

Any damage to Chromebooks must be reported to a teacher immediately and an email sent to explaining the damage and how it occurred. IT will send a ticket number via email. Students will then affix a post it note with the ticket number to the device and bring it to the shelf outside of the tech office. Failure to report damage may result in disciplinary consequences. Students are completely liable for the care of their Chromebooks. If Chromebooks are lost or damaged, students assume the responsibility of paying for any repair or replacement charges.

Students should not go to the front office with technology issues.

Loaner computers are given when damage covered by insurance or warranty repair. If the damage is the fault of the student, a loaner will not be issued.

Cosmetic damage will not be repaired. This includes damage such as scratches or anything that doesn’t impact the functionality of the device.


In order to protect the device and help ensure appropriate accountability, students will receive an infraction for leaving their chromebook in another classroom and/or other place that is out of their immediate possession.

Chromebook privileges will be revoked if students are caught using them in any other manner other than what has been deemed appropriate for that class. Off-task behavior, touching/using another student’s Chromebook, or other misuse according to the student handbook will result in disciplinary consequences.

Teachers may check history at any time. If history is cleared, it will be considered an admission of guilt, and student will lose Chromebook for a week.

If a student fails to return his/her Chromebook before leaving school, the student will lose his/her Chromebook for one week. For each additional offense, an additional week will be added. For instance, a second offense will result in loss of privileges for two weeks -- third offense will be three weeks.

Students who repeatedly disregard the technology policies as stated in the student handbook as well as this agreement, will have their Chromebook removed and they will be placed on a restorative plan to earn the privilege back.

Help Desk/Troubleshooting

Reporting Issues

1. Reboot the computer

2. Wait 5 minutes

3. Talk to your teacher if the problem continues.

4. After completing steps 1-3, students must report any issues with the Chromebooks via the Helpdesk Form. Please report issues as soon as they arise so that we can have the device repaired and returned as quickly as possible. Any issues not reported will be deemed neglect of their device and will be punishable as such.

Personal Devices

For the purposes of this policy, personal technology devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, tablets, e-readers, and laptops not owned by the school. Students who bring personal devices to school do so at their own risk. School personnel are not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen, or care of personal devices. Personal devices may only be used in the classroom for academic purposes with the expressed permission of the teacher each time the device is used. All Parent-Student Handbook Policies apply.

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