Homework & Class Policy


Class grades consist on daily lessons, weekly worksheets, and tests. The C2E grading scale is:

93-100 A

86-92 B

78-85 C

70-77 D

below 70 F

Classes offered:

Course 3 (Pre-Algebra)

Algebra I


Late work:

If an assignment is late, the student will receive a 50% on the points earned for that assignment. We are all human. If something out of the ordinary comes up in your life and you cannot get your homework completed by the due date, talk to me. I am very reasonable and can make exceptions if deserved.

Make up policy:

Students are given 2 days for every day they are absent to make up their work. Check my google classroom and calendar for missing assignment details. If you are here when it is assigned, it is due when you get back.

Snack policy:

Students are allowed up to 10 minutes to eat a healthy snack every day during 4th hour. Ideas for healthy snacks are:

  • Pre-cut fruit or veggies (no dips)
  • Pretzels
  • Dried fruit
  • Bagels
  • Mini rice cakes
  • Chewy granola bars
  • Cheese, cubed or sticks
  • Fig-newtons
  • Fruit snacks
  • Water is the only drink allowed

Bathroom policy:

At the beginning of each quarter, a student will be give 4 bathroom passes. For each pass not used, the student will receive an extra credit point at the end of the quarter. (THIS WILL NOT OCCUR DURING FIRST QUARTER)


Test will be administered every 10 lessons. Also, at the end of 1st and 3rd quarters, the students will be given a quarter final. At the end of first and second semesters, the students will be given a semester final. Test scores are doubled in the grade book. All tests must be done in a pencil. Students are required to show their work on all of their math problems to receive full-credit. One set of test corrections are allowed per quarter (where half credit is given back for each problem missed).

Homework grades:

Home work will be posted on google calendar and on my white board. Most homework assignments will be given a completion grade or an actual letter grade. Homework will always checked; however, sometimes I do not take homework for a grade. All homework must be done in a pencil in your homework spiral notebook and follow the correct format (2 columns). I will discuss the proper homework format the first day of school. Students are required to show their work on all of their math problems to receive full-credit. All work must be done in PENCIL.

Example of proper homework format:

Left Column:

Describe the problem:

Find the value of x by completing 2 step problem

Column 2:

Show your work and circle your answer:

2x - 4 = 10

2x = 14

x = 7

Warm-ups & Note taking:

At the beginning of class there will be a warm-up projected on the board. EVERY students is required to do the warm-up. The purpose is to review yesterday's lesson. EVERY child is also expected to take notes and try practice problems as the lesson is presented. All notes and warm-ups must be done in one spiral notebooks. Please take notes in PENCIL.


Course 3 and Algebra: 4 graphing spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, white board markers and erasers, flash drive for textbook and TI-30X (Course 3) or TI-84 (Algebra and Geometry) calculator.

Geometry: same as above but add 2 regular spiral notebooks.

Please come prepared each day!

Borrowing Books:

Please do not borrow textbooks from my class. You will be given the textbook on your flash drive. If you have a need to have a physical book, please come talk to me.


Please line up outside of my room. Please stand quietly in the hall and enter my room in an orderly fashion. My main rule once inside my room is to show respect to me and each other. For all other rules, please see the behavior policy on one of the top tabs of my website.